Michigan Truck & Car Accidents – Personalized Legal Representation

First You Are Devastated By Injury. You Have But One Chance For Justice.  Your Lawyer Should Take Your Injuries Personally.

Your Life Will Never Be The Same. You Need A Lawyer Who Understand This.

You are a good and careful driver; you take no stupid chances, speeding, drinking and driving, or disregarding stop signs, or stop lights. Then that car came roaring through the stop sign, or the stop light, hit your car, and devastated your life.  Who knows? Maybe the other driver was sober when they hit you; maybe not. In any event, hopefully, you will have had a chance to first drop off your kids, or your wife/husband, or a loved one.  Sometimes, you are not even that “lucky”.

At first, you are angry. Then you have to start thinking about how to pick up the pieces, and to move on with your life, your family, your work.  It is never easy.  You need a lawyer who can do more than “handle the court stuff”, and who can divide the verdict or settlement by three at the end, to calculate his/her fee.  You need a lawyer who understands, and will give you and your case, the personal attention it deserves. From start to finish.

Two distinct sets of rights flow from any auto or truck accident. One is against the at-fault driver for the needless pain, suffering and devastation they have caused you, a friend, or loved one. Another is against your own insurance company, in the event they refuse to honor the promises they made to pay the No-Fault benefits of medical bills, wage loss, etc.

If you are concerned about your No-Fault rights with your own insurance company, visit our No-Fault page to see how to file a claim.

Learn More About Your Rights After a Truck or Auto Accident

My job in an accident case is not just to make the other side pay.  My job is to care, and to make the negligent driver care about what he did to you.

I do that by making that person and their insurance company pay.  And pay. And when they think they are done paying, my job is to make them pay some more. I do that by caring about your case, personally, as though it happened to a member of my own family.

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Auto Accident Injury?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Go to Court? Do I Need a Lawyer?

No, but that doesn’t mean you won’t end up in court. Insurance companies will often offer a quick “lowball” settlement offer to you, before you hire a lawyer.

Rarely, if ever, will they offer you full, or even reasonable value for your claim, because they know that most folks do not know what is reasonable or full value. They are in the business of putting dollar values on injury claims, and they take advantage of the fact that most people do not have this knowledge. That is the biggest reason you need an attorney experienced in Michigan auto accident law.

I Just Had a Car Accident; What Do I Do Now?

Hopefully, you went to the emergency room, or to your personal physician. Your health & well- being is the most important thing – even more important than filing a claim. Secondarily, it is important to seek medical attention to establish whether your injuries are serious or not, from a legal perspective.

Once you are stabilized, give Jon Frank a call, to see whether the other driver is at fault, and whether your injuries meet the tough Michigan injury threshold. Call as soon as possible, so Jon can begin the process of collecting evidence.

Am I Limited to The Amount of The Other Driver’s Insurance?

Not necessarily, and much will depend on how large the other driver’s limits are. It will also depend on how severe your damages are.

In most non-fatal auto accidents, where there are no aggravating circumstances, such as drunk driving by the at-fault driver, we have to review carefully, the business merit in going after the at-fault driver’s personal assets. Also, his/her insurance company is not going to settle with you, unless you are willing to give their insured customer a release.

This is a very complex subject, that we will need to talk about. Give me a call.

Is There a Time Limit for Filing a Claim?

In most cases, there is a three year time limit, although it is NEVER a good idea to wait that long. Witnesses and evidence disappear.

In cases involving government owned vehicles (buses, police vehicles, etc), the time limit may be shorter. Also, a written “Notice of Claim” must be sent to the government agency which owned the vehicle, and that must be done, usually within 60 days of an accident. Failure to comply with complex “Notice of Claim” rules can result in good claims being lost, meaning no money to help you in your devastation and pain.

I Was Not Insured; Can I Still Collect a Money Award?

Yes, as long as you were either a passenger, or if you were driving, as long as you were not driving your own uninsured vehicle.

Be careful about this: if you are allowed to drive someone else’s car, more than 30 days per year, you are considered a “constructive owner”, with a responsibility to insure the vehicle – even if someone else is the title owner.

What Happens If The Other Driver Was Uninsured?

If you have access to “uninsured motorist coverage”, or UM, your own insurance company will compensate you up to the limit of coverage.

Because this coverage is not mandatory in Michigan, uninsured motorist insurance companies are allowed to shorten the time to make a claim, or to require “notices of claim”, and other requirements, within short periods of time after the accident. Call Jon Frank to protect your rights, when you are faced with this situation.

How Much is This Going to Cost?

I know how devastating auto accidents can be. In addition to the mounting bills, you have less and less coming in. That is why I guarantee that there will be no fee, unless I collect from the other driver’s policy.

What If The Other Driver’s Insurance is Not Enough to Compensate My Damages?

If you have access to “underinsured motorist coverage”, or UIM, your insurance company may provide additional coverage.

Here too, the rules are complex. You cannot settle with the first, inadequate layer of insurance coverage, unless you get the permission of the UIM carrier. Make sure you do not undermine your own UIM rights. You need to call Jon Frank first!

I Was Partly at Fault; Can I Still Collect?

Under Michigan law, if you were less than 50% the cause of your own accident, you should still be able to collect, although a jury’s dollar award will be reduced, by the amount of your fault.

For example, if you were awarded $100,000.00 by a jury, and you were found to be 40% at fault, your award will be reduced by 40%.

If you were more than 50% at fault, Michigan law prevents you from collecting. This assessment of fault is something only an experienced lawyer, like Jon Frank can provide. Call me.