Traffic Violation and Auto Ticket Defense Lawyer

Tickets translate to more than just a one time fine. Think about fighting before your insurance premiums skyrocket.

You thought the $200 fine was bearable. Then came your insurance company with reasons to raise your rates.

So you started shopping around. And you shopped around. And that old rate you were “comfortable” paying, suddenly doesn’t exist anymore.

Why? Because you thought that minor traffic ticket wasn’t a big deal. You thought hiring a lawyer would end up costing you more than that deceivingly low fine. What you may not have realized is that getting legal representation to fight your traffic ticket, may be the smartest long-term financial move.

Consider the extra expense added to your insurance premium. Now multiple that out for at least 3 years. Like the numbers you’re coming up with? Maybe that $200 fine isn’t so bearable after all.

An experienced attorney can help eliminate not just misdemeanors and higher-point offenses, but can often negotiate down offenses, so that nothing is reported either to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office.

Learn More About Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

Insurance companies love when you don’t fight traffic violations. Are you ready to accept their higher premiums?

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