Drivers License Restoration

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No. You Cannot Function Well in Michigan Without Driving. Time to Get Your License Back.

Nobody is Perfect. You might have had that DUI awhile back, and the State of Michigan suspended your license. You knew that was a possibility, but now you have been dealing for months, or even years, without a drivers’ license in Michigan, which we all know is nearly impossible. You can only ask your friends and family so much, before they are no longer available.

Are you eligible to have it restored? It depends on whether your license has been “revoked” or “suspended”. Under MCLA §257.52, a revocation is a termination of the driving privilege, without a date being given for restoration of that privilege. A driver whose license has been “revoked” (as opposed to being “suspended”) cannot reapply for a drivers license restoration until after the passage of one (1) year for a first revocation, and for a period of five (5) years for a subsequent revocation that is within seven years of an earlier revocation. The one- and five-year time periods are counted starting on the effective date of the revocation. MCLA §257.303(1)(c).

By contrast, a suspension is for a definite time period, with a beginning and ending date. When that end date is reached, the driver need only to appear at a branch office of the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office, and pay the fee for reinstatement of the driver’s license, assuming no additional violations occur during the period of suspension. MCLA §257.320e.

Once the minimum one/five year waiting time is passed, the driver can apply for a hearing before the Drivers License Appeal Board, for re-licensing. However, the driver must submit a completed “Substance Evaluation Form“. Completion of that form will require you to sit down with a qualified substance abuse counselor, who is licensed by the State of Michigan, to conduct the type of substance abuse evaluation that is required before you can get your license back.

Once your substance abuse evaluation is completed, call Jon Frank for help in submitting this, along with an application, and letters of support, that will help you get your license back!!

Michigan Drivers License Appeal Manual

A suspended license isn’t meant to be a permanent pain in the a$$. Take the first step toward getting your freedom back.

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