Minor in Possession (MIP) Legal Guidance and Help

Don’t Let This Mistake Ruin Your Future. Your Chance at College and a Career.

Got Charged With “Minor In Possession” (MIP)? MIP Is a Serious Charge With Potential Long-Term Consequences

Whether you are reading this about your child or you are sitting in class reading this about yourself, a minor charged with an MIP offense has rights.

However, if you are the parent, know this: an MIP charge is much more serious than it was when you and I were younger. If you are the young person facing the charge, it does you no good to complain about how unfair it is, that this charge has harsher consequences than it did for people of your parents’ generation, or older than that. It may also seem like a cheap money grab by the local police, so they can squeeze some revenue out of you; you may also be right about this. You STILL need to deal with the legal environment as it is today.

I want you to remember that you still have rights. It’s a frightening situation you are in and easy to forget there may be legal remedies.

As the dust settles after the initial charge, you start thinking about the long term effects of a minor in possession charge. How will college admittance be affected? Will employers consider someone with a criminal charge? Can I get into Canada to visit friends, family, or just for the evening? (Maybe not). Will I be able to get auto insurance?

It’s a lot to take in but the sooner you take charge of the situation, the better off you’ll be having these charges minimized, if not completely dropped. Wait too long, and there may be nothing you can do.

Learn About Fighting Minor in Possession Charges

Sometimes, getting caught actually is “that bad.” You can either live with it for the rest of your life OR change your future right now.

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