Injuries on Others’ Property; Premises Liability

No Such Thing in Michigan As a “Simple Slip & Fall Matter”

You Were Hurt Because Someone Else Failed to Take Care of Their Property

You fell, because of a spill, a hole, or some other defect, the property owner should have corrected before your accident.

Few things are more basic than being able to stand on your own two feet. We teach our kids to stand on their own two feet, and that is the phrase we use to describe working, self-supporting people: they “stand on their own two feet”.

Now your life is never going to be the same. In addition to the injuries you suffered, you will never again have the confidence in merely standing and walking that you once did. Maybe your injury was not as a result of a fall; still, the impact is just as jarring, and just as painful.

Michigan appellate courts have been extraordinarily, and in my view, unfairly aggressive in cutting back on the rights of injured people to obtain compensation for these injuries. Activist judges at the appellate level have issued rulings that often leave injured people uncompensated, and leave property owners free to do nothing to keep their properties in reasonable repair.

You need an experienced lawyer, who has handled slip & fall/premises cases, both for insurance companies, and for injured people. You need to call Jon Frank.

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Slip & Fall Injury?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Lawyer For a Slip & Fall Case?

Absolutely. The law has become so complex, that many experienced attorneys no longer handle these cases in Michigan.

You need someone to help you navigate the insurance claims stage, the civil litigation system, and all of the complexities of the ‘Open & Obvious’ Rule, and the exceptions, and applications of this rule. Call Jon Frank today.

Should I Complete An Accident Report?

Yes, and make a point of requesting a copy.

Even if you do not get a copy of the report, it will help to establish that you were not ‘making all of this up,’ and that the accident really happened.

Once I get involved, I should be able to get a copy, not just of the accident report in your case, but in connection with similar previous accidents.

When Should I Seek Medical Treatment?

Immediately. The first and most important reason, is to make sure that any injuries you did suffer are treated before something worse develops. As well, Defendant property owners will often argue that if your injuries were that serious, that you would have obtained medical attention, sooner rather than later. There is no reason to postpone getting checked out.

Moreover, medical records sometimes help establish the fact of the accident, when there are no immediate witnesses.

Can I Sue My Employer If I Slip & Fall On The Job

Typically not, because under Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation laws, an injured worker’s “exclusive remedy” against his employer, is through the Workers’ Compensation system. Indeed, if you were to attempt to sue your employer for an on-the-job injury, he/she would be entitled to have your case dismissed, due to this “exclusive remedy” rule.

You can, however, sue other non-employer Defendants who might be responsible for your injuries.

Should I Take Photos & Gather Evidence?

It is always helpful to take photos of the accident scene, and to gather whatever good evidence of your accident, you can give me to help get your case going. It is also helpful to get photos of your injuries; if the injuries are to private areas, normally covered by clothing, try to take photos that are modest, and can readily be shown to a jury.

Be careful not to endanger yourself in doing so. The property owner may not much appreciate you taking pictures, or behaving as though you were investigating your own accident. Leave the investigation to me, and do not endanger yourself.

Sometimes the internet is a disheartening place when you read about the difficulty processing slip and fall claims. I’m still committed to protecting the innocent victims of another’s negligence.

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