• Business/General Litigation Matters

    Jon Frank has represented me on a couple occasions, once to review a lease, and more recently, to advise me through some possible litigation. Each time he has represented me, he has always answered my questions, putting my mind at ease. He does it promptly, too. He is a detail-oriented guy, too. Jon is very approachable, and he will help you as he helped me, in difficult situations.  If you need an Attorney to represent you, Jon Frank is a excellent choice.

    Eric from Richmond, MI
  • Probate Conservatorship

    I have enjoyed working with you and have learned about the law. Thank you for everything Jon. Your advice has been invaluable. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Take care.

    Helen from River Rouge
  • Criminal Matter

    In a time of urgency and it was the weekend, a legal matter arose with me and I was able to contact Jonathan Frank. Mr. Frank met with me within an hour of my phone call, on a Saturday to discuss my matter. Mr. Frank represented me very professionally, and I am please to “highly recommend” Mr. Frank for any legal situation you may have.

    Audrey from St. Clair County
  • Premises Liability & Auto/No-Fault (Separate Cases)

    My name is Joseph G. (last name omitted), and this is a true testimonial for Jon Frank. I was represented by Mr. Frank in a personal injury case. He represented me as a man not just a client. From the first office visit through my hospital stay, he did everything he could to make sure I was comfortable. Mr. Frank was not only my atty., he became my friend. I have the utmost respect for him. I was very satisfied with the results from my case. Out of a client atty. relationship, came a true friendship; one that I will always treasure. He is a man of his word and a true gentlemen.

    Joseph G. from Detroit
  • No-Fault Matter for a Service Provider

    For over a year I was unsuccessful. In securing payment for services rendered under Michigan no fault auto claims.  The auto insurance adjuster claimed the services should be paid by a coordinated medical benefit plan.  The health insurer refused to pay stating they did not cover such services.  The patient required and benefitted from the services ordered by her rehabilitation physician.  I was being denied payment but ethically could not deny service.

    Fortunately I was referred to attorney John Frank.  Mr. Frank understood the unjust situation I was enduring and utilized his thorough knowledge of the Michigan no fault auto law to induce the auto insurance company to honor my valid claims for rendered services.  Mr. Frank was professional and expedient.  I would certainly retain him again or refer him to other providers in need of a tenacious, knowledgeable attorney.  Thank you Mr. Frank.

    Doris from Bloomfield Township – Psychologist
  • DUI – 3rd Offense

    I was very happy and pleased with Mr. Frank’s help for me during the whole process from start to finish, he answered very question at every turn. Thank you.

    Doug from St. Clair County
  • Auto Accident

    KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB JOHN…….. Thank you  JOHN for all your help. Will be keeping in touch….Mark


    Mark & Margaret from Lexington, Michigan
  • Traffic Ticket Matter

    “Hi Jon, it was a pleasure working with you. One follow up question. If (God forbid) I were to  to get another ticket would today’s ticket go back on my record? Thanks for everything.”

    (The answer was “No”. Not the way I worked it out for him)

    “Hi Jon, thank you for the Birthday card and note. I hope all is well with you. It’s a good feeling knowing I have a lawyer and local one at that.”

    David from Casco, MI
  • Criminal Matter

    You have been a great help to me in the past, offering not only exceptional legal advice but also invaluable personal advice as well. I am inclined to seek your legal services, above anyone else, due to our past professional relationship. I would greatly appreciate your help once more, in a matter I believe misrepresented my judgement and character. As someone who has personal knowledge of my values and ethical traits, you are far and above any other lawyer I might potentially employ.

    Alex from Sterling Heights
  • Probate Matter

    It was our good fortune to have been referred to Jon Frank by a family member when we needed legal services.  Jon handled our case in a most expeditious and professional manner. He followed up constantly with the appropriate parties to make sure nothing fell by the wayside, always keeping  us informed about the status. We will not hesitate to call upon Jon when we need additional legal help.

    Christine from Milford, MI
  • Auto Accident and No-Fault Case

    Mr. Frank was referred to me by a friend. I am so grateful that he was. I was involved in an accident. I was critically injured. Initially I was not supposed to survive but I DID. Mr. Frank came to my home many miles from his area not knowing that I would hire him. He was very professional in his manner. You could tell he was concerned about myself and my husbands well being. That he wanted what is best for us. He is up front with you. He explains things so you can understand them. He goes to bat and negotiates what is in your best interest. He does not take anything from the other side. Yet he is pleasant. You can call him and he returns your calls if he is in court in a timely fashion. Even after my case with him was settle he has been there with any questions I might have. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a good understanding attorney.

    Linda from Sterling MI

Testimonial Jon Frank Attorney

Bill from Detroit – Auto Accident and No-Fault Insurance Claim