You Need More Than Just a Lawyer. You Need Your Lawyer's Personal Attention.

I like to say that at The Frank Law Firm, PC, “Your Rights Are My Responsibility”.  When you and I work together, it’s more than just a slogan.  Your rights indeed become my PERSONAL responsibility.

What does that mean in real life, day-to-day, when you entrust your auto accident, no-fault insurance dispute, drunk driving/DUI/MIP, or Probate matter to me for handling?

It means that I am personally involved in your case.  Like any other lawyer whose website you are visiting, I hope that mine will impress you enough, to make you pick up the phone, and to call 877-FRANK-LAW, or to email me at [email protected]

All lawyers’ and law firms’ websites will show you what we all think we can offer you, as far as knowledge on legal subjects.

However, unlike other lawyers and law firms, whose name you might know better than mine, what you will get with Jon Frank and The Frank Law Firm, PC, is knowledge AND personalized attention.

Naturally, you will get MY legal expertise, skill, and hard work.  I PERSONALLY, will sweat the details of your accident or no-fault insurance matter. I PERSONALLY, will handle the discovery issues in your drunk driving or drug possession case; I PERSONALLY will make sure that you are prepared for depositions and defense medical examinations, and any hearings that we have to attend.  These are details that many good lawyers gloss over, sometimes, because your case is only one of hundreds or thousands in a big law firm; in other situations, some lawyers seem to be less personally concerned with your case, than they are about doing things “the way they have always been done”.

The details I sweat personally could be the difference between winning and losing. Whether we are talking about an auto accident, a no-fault matter, drunk driving, Minor-In-Possession, traffic ticket defense, or anything else, you pay for my personalized attention, and you will get it.

One of the concrete ways you will see the personalized attention you will get at The Frank Law Firm, PC, is that you will be copied on everything.  Absolutely everything will be “blind-copied” to you by email, so that you will see the work I am doing on your case.  When I am doing it.  That way, when you and I talk about your case by phone, we will be talking about strategy or new developments in your case, and not just an update on what I am doing for you personally.  You will already know that.

You expect your lawyer to be available to you personally, and unlike most lawyers you will see on other websites, or in an expensive TV advertising campaign, or on a billboard next to the freeway, I will be available.  Personally.

If your case is important enough for you to hire a lawyer, then it is important enough for your lawyer to be personally involved.  From start to finish.

My work involves difficult and often horrible situations.  Injuries, deaths, the frustration that comes with an insurance company who cuts off the benefits you have paid for; a world turned upside down by a drunk driving arrest, or by the death or incapacity of a loved one. When you reach out to a lawyer, to help with these difficult and horrible situations, you deserve that lawyer’s personal attention.

Give me a call today, and let me see how I can be of help to you.  Personally. Thanks for visiting my site.

Best regards & thanks,

Jon Frank

Hey! That’s me. Attorney Jon Frank

Committed to You

The (Huge) Small Firm Difference

The Realistic Number of Years Experience You’ll Get Devoted To Your Case

(Jon Frank vs. The Other Guys)

27 Years with Jon Frank
5 Years with a Newbie at the Big Firm

No Repeating Yourself 10 Times Over

You call. I answer. From the first conversation to our final handshake, you are working with me, and I am working FOR you – 100% of the time.

Why Not One of The Big Legal Advertisers?

We all know who the big legal advertisers are on TV, billboards, and bus-wraps. I have met them all, and know some of them personally; they are all great individuals.

Do not kid yourself, though. They will not be the ones working on your case, or standing guard over your rights, whatever their 1-800 phone numbers might suggest. You call me. I answer.

What does it mean, when the lawyer you see on TV, assigns your matter to one of the junior attorneys at their firm? That junior lawyer may even know what they are doing, and they may even be a wonderful human being, as well.

When the well-known advertiser palms your case off on a lawyer you have never heard of – what that really means, is that your case is not important enough for that familiar face to handle themselves.

It means that they are willing to roll the dice with your life, because that is what these cases often mean – the difference between eating and going hungry; between sitting in jail, and walking free; between having a drivers’ license that enables you to work, and being left stranded, because they do not do this type of work (most of them do not). Some of the big advertisers may even have very talented and competent junior lawyers working for them. With as many young lawyers as they hire, hopefully, you will luck out, by getting the right one.

But honestly, aren’t you casting your lot with the big advertiser, because you think that familiar face will be the one representing you in court? Are you as willing to roll the dice with your life, as THEY are willing to roll the dice with YOUR life?

When you call me, I answer.

Meet Jon Frank – Your Lawyer

I am a Detroit native, and I began my career as an insurance defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA, in the late 1980’s. I lived in LA for 10 years, moving from there to London Ontario Canada, to take advantage of a business opportunity. However, the lure of legal challenge called, and I soon found myself in Chicago, again, as a practicing insurance defense attorney, defending auto cases, and nursing home liability matters.

I returned to the Detroit area in 1995, and worked for both Plaintiff’s personal injury litigation firms and in-house for a major insurance company.  I did so, so I could experience civil litigation from “both sides of the fence”

I opened up my own practice in 2002, serving clients’ needs in the areas of personal injury (auto accident, no-fault insurance claims, and premises liability), expanding into probate matters, drunk driving, minor-in-possession, drivers’ license restoration, traffic ticket defense, and accepting Court assignments in probate and criminal matters.

In 2011, I saw an opportunity to provide legal service and help in an under-served region, primarily between Port Huron and the northeastern suburbs of Detroit. I still provide legal help and service, from my office in Richmond MI, to folks in the Detroit area, and in the areas of personal injury and no-fault, to injured clients throughout the State of Michigan.

Your Neighbor & Friend In The Community

As proud as I am of my work as a lawyer, I am all the more grateful to be the proud father of two young men, Alex & Nick. Alex is pursuing work, experience and certification as a teacher, while his younger brother, Nick, is a computer-coding specialist. The three of us share a passion for golf, Detroit Tiger baseball, Detroit Lions football, Red Wing hockey, reading and music.

I am engaged to marry a wonderful woman, Pam, who was the one who introduced me to Richmond MI, and all it has to offer. Pam is a registered nurse, and she has confirmed my long-held belief that nurses and nursing aides are some of the most important, overworked and undervalued people around. Next time you see a nurse, or a nurse’s aide, tell them how much you appreciate their hard work!

With my move to Richmond, I have been welcomed into active membership in the Richmond MI Rotary Club; you may see me around Richmond and Armada, flipping burgers at the “Red Barn”, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, or helping to organize other community fund-raisers. I am also a member of the Richmond MI Chamber of Commerce.

I am a 1981 graduate of the University of Michigan, which I attended on an Evans Scholarship. This Scholarship is given annually to young people who have caddied at member golf courses. You can learn more about the Evans Scholarship at

Professionally, I have been licensed in California and Illinois, and I am a current member in good standing, of the State Bar of Michigan, and the Michigan Association for Justice.